‘Golden Cross” Han Eun Jung Had Saved Kim Kang Woo

'Golden Cross" Han Eun Jung Had Saved Kim Kang Woo
'Golden Cross" Han Eun Jung Had Saved Kim Kang Woo

On the 16 episode of KBS special production drama “Golden Cross” (Script Yoo Hyun Mi, director Hong Suk Ku, Kim Jong Yeon) broadcast on June 5, Do Yoon (played by Kim Kang Woo) was at risk of getting banished by Dong Ha three years ago.  It was revealed that the person behind the rebirth of Terry Young was Sara (played by Han Eun Jung).

Before this, Do Yoon was destroyed by the Golden Cross and acted as if he was dead.  Afterwards, time passed and Do Yoon returned as the executive director of a large bank, Terry Young.  Dong Ha and Hee Suh was startled at the appearance of Do Yoon and couldn’t hide their surprise.  However, they were all comforted when they saw that Do Yoon was not the same person as revealed in the DNA test.  Though this wasn’t true, he didn’t think twice to be suspicious of the findings.

Do Yoon showed that he wanted to invest in Dong Ha, who is an internal personnel of Vice Minister.  He showed this intent as well as his proffer to buy Hanmin Bank.  Dong Ha saw that he was probably a completely different person and hugged him.  However, Terry Young was none other than Do Yoon.

Meanwhile, “Golden Cross” is a secret club of the top 0.001% of the people in South Korea who organize the economy and draws the story of a man who is enwrapped in the secret club and schemes and features Kim Kang Woo, Lee Shi Young, Um Ki Joon, Han Eun Jung and Jung Bo Suk.

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