Golden Cross” Jung Ae Ri Pretends Not To Recognize Son

Golden Cross" Jung Ae Ri Pretends Not To Recognize Son
Golden Cross" Jung Ae Ri Pretends Not To Recognize Son

Jung Ae Ri pretended not to know his son Kim Kang Woo and ignored him.

On the 17 episode of KBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama “Golden Cross” Oh Geum Shil (played by Jae Ae Ri) started to reunite to Kang Do Yoon (played by Kim Kang Woo).

On this day, Suh Dong Ha (played by Jung Bo Suk) wanted to prove that Terry Yeom was Kang Do Yoon and even started to rile up Kang Do Yoon’s mother Oh Geum Shil.

Oh Geum Shil saw Kang Do Yoon and learned at once that he was her daughter.  However, Kang Do Yoon needed to hide his identity and started to ignore Oh Geum Shil.

Oh Geum Shil was startled for a moment but then thought about seeing Kang Do Yoon in front of the restaurant and realized that Kang Do Yoon had no choice but to do this.

Oh Geum Shil said that Terry Yeom is not her son and then turned away.  After his mother went away, Kang Do Yoon started to cry and turned his back.

Oh Geum Shil also saw Kang Do Yoon and saw that Kang Do Yoon may be able to seek justice for his father and younger sibling that had died unjustly.

Meanwhile, “Golden Cross” is a secret club of the top 0.001% of the people in South Korea who organize the economy and draws the story of a man who is enwrapped in the secret club and schemes and features Kim Kang Woo, Lee Shi Young, Um Ki Joon, Han Eun Jung and Jung Bo Suk.

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