‘Golden Cross” Kim Kang Woo Goes Against Jung Bo Suk

'Golden Cross" Kim Kang Woo Goes Against Jung Bo Suk
'Golden Cross" Kim Kang Woo Goes Against Jung Bo Suk

People who are greedy about things kneel in front of those whoa re stronger.  The “Golden Cross” was a group that Kim Kang Woo wanted to seek revenge on but there as another person that was even stronger.

Kim Kang Woo is showing a second strength in the process of this drama’s unveiling.  The drama has gone up in ratings on the 16 episode and is now 2 among the other dramas airing at this time.

On the episode of “Golden Cross” broadcast on June 5, Kang Do Yoon (played by Kim Kang Woo) was almost demolished and has a last battle with the Golden Cross as he appears as Terry Young.  He learned that it wasn’t possible to win without power and then went against him iwith power.  Suh Dong Ha (played by Jung Bo Suk) also hid his evil ways and became the internal personnel to the Vice Minister.

You had to go into the tiger’s cave to catch the tiger.  Terry Young was an object of suspicion by Suh Dong Ha but the DNA test didn’t show otherwise.  As Suh Dong Ha sees someone that’s even more powerful, he couldn’t do anything and the tables were turned.

On this episode, the love with Suh Yi Re (played by Lee Shi Young) also was painful.  Suh Yi Re thought that Kang Do Yoon was Terry Young but was devastated as he didn’t recognize her.  It’ll be interesting to see hwen he finally reveals the truth to her.

Meanwhile, “Golden Cross” is a secret club of the top 0.001% of the people in South Korea who organize the economy and draws the story of a man who is enwrapped in the secret club and schemes and features Kim Kang Woo, Lee Shi Young, Um Ki Joon, Han Eun Jung and Jung Bo Suk.

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