‘Golden Cross” Kim Kang Woo Kisses Savior Han Eun Jung

'Golden Cross" Kim Kang Woo Kisses Savior Han Eun Jung
'Golden Cross" Kim Kang Woo Kisses Savior Han Eun Jung

Do Yoon lookeda s his mother that was working in a store from far away.  He showed that hie missed his mother saying, “I left three years ago when I was dead and I came back to Korea.”  He said that he first wanted to take care of the people first and then would come back as her son.  He was determined and went to see Hong Sara.

Hong Sara started to hug Do Yoon who she saw for the first time in three years.  They were all emotional about their reunion.  Hong Sara was the very person that had held Do Yoon from a risk of death and who was at risk of dying.  Three years ago, Do Yoon was in need of Sara’s help and Do Yoon was almost dead because of Dong Ha.

Sara took him out and moved him to the hospital.  She helped him so that she could rise.  However, Do Yoon  pushed away Sara.  It was revealed that she had helped this and Sara was in danger.

Sara thought that Do Yoon pushed her out because of Yi Re and regardless of how many times they searched, he was under the impression that he wouldn’t figure out the identity.  Do Yoon saw that Sara could do nothing but cry and started to kiss her as she felt unfortunate about the situation.  However, Yi Re saw this as she barged into house.  Dong Ha even changed his hair sample and lied to Do Yoon as it will be interesting to see whether Do Yoon ever finds out about Dong Ha’s true identity.

Meanwhile, “Golden Cross” is a secret club of the top 0.001% of the people in South Korea who organize the economy and draws the story of a man who is enwrapped in the secret club and schemes and features Kim Kang Woo, Lee Shi Young, Um Ki Joon, Han Eun Jung and Jung Bo Suk.

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