Google Android Silver Program Leaving Nexus Behind? Tech Giant Levels The Playing Field For Mobile Manufacturers, At Samsung’s Expense

Google is leveling the playing field with the Google Android Silver program, with streamlined software for streamlined units, across different manufacturers.

The news that Google is coming up with a “standardized” OS for handheld devices has been ongoing for the past weeks, and it’s reported that Nexus is the first casualty of the strategic move. The Nexus brand reneges much of its rights to Google’s program, and the latter is moving on into greener pastures.

Reports of an official Android tweet hints that Nexus is down but not out, though. A promotional photo shows an unknown device similar to the Nexus, with style and ultra-thin bezel to boot.

It’s possible the unnamed device is an anonymous mockup device used for promoting a new Chrome feature. It’s also likely Google isn’t dropping the Nexus as previously reported.

The Chrome feature allows a user to search for recipes, with suggested and potential ingredients for reference. It’s a relatively dated feature revived through a tweet with a mysterious device showcased.

Leaks tweeted last May alleged Google is scrapping plans to launch a Nexus 6 smartphone, transitioning into the Google Android Silver program. The initiative will accommodate more mobile manufacturers into the fold of Google’s flagship devices.

The tech giant intends to undercut the fragmentation of the Android OS; manufacturers often meddle with stock installations with apps of their own, developed in-house and installed by default. Google will favor devices that cut back on their pre-installed, in-house apps, even OEM units, so long as these meet the new set of Android guidelines.

The initiative ensures affordability for high-end devices, after Google imposes “specifications” on manufacturers using its Android OS. That means no more bloatware, no uncertainty concerning the latest Android versions and updates. Manufacturers are expected to roll these out immediately after release. The Google Android Silver program evens out the odds for smaller manufacturers, at Samsung’s expense (


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