Google Fiber Wifi Cities Outlined By 2014, Free ‘Basic’ Service, 1-Gb/Sec $70/month & $120 Pack/ 200 TV Channels.

Google Fiber Wifi: Google plans to install WiFi networks in U.S. cities that have Google Fiber Internet service. 34 cities have been hand picked for a pilot program to implement Google Fiber in 2015.

Since it is in a planning phase, exact data regarding the WiFi plan have not been distributed in documents obtained by IDG News Service. Google said in its paperwork that it will be “discussing our Wi-Fi plans and related requirements with your city as we move forward.”

The WiFi plan via Google Fiber will rival local telecom Internet services, which might also lead to lower Internet charges. For those cities included in the Google Fiber implementation, it would mean more dependence on the dominant Internet service provider. Nonetheless, the new technology is revolutionary and a step in the right direction. Google also had plans to float big balloons with routers over a specific distance, connecting homes to the Internet receivers on hot air balloons.

Google fiber already exists in Provo, Utah, and Kansas City. It will soon be implemented in Austin, Texas as promised. Google fiber high speed Internet offers “basic speed” service without cost, 1-Gb/sec service at $70/month along with a $120 pack including 200 TV channels. Installation for Google Fiber may range from $0 to $300, depending on the location.

Interested cities have already sent in their applications for WiFi as of May 1, a deadline set by Google. PC World noted that the information collected from towns and cities will be a collection of “geospatial data files containing information on streets, boundaries, rights of way, manholes, utility poles, zoning types and the condition of pavement across the city.

After the necessary data has been collected, Google will further scrutinize the details to make a final study ahead of executing WiFi via Google Fiber. The Mountainview, California search engine giant said in an online report that it would complete its assessment to determine which cities would receive Google Fiber by end of 2014

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