Google Game Console Squares Off With Apple’s! Prospects Of Competition In A PlayStation And Xbox Market; Android Apps Overhauled From Desktops To Living Room Couches

Insider report of an acquisition hint of a Google game console in the works; Android will apparently transition from personal computing to the brave new world of the console gaming market.

Google’s future plans extend beyond desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices. A report confirms the tech giant has acquired Green Throttle Games, a controller developer and manufacturer, for an unconfirmed amount.

Green Throttle Games comes out with products exclusively for couch gamers, that is, for the consoles. Google’s interest in console controllers hint the company is planning a wider reach of the gaming market, beyond the tablet and PC niches.

Rumors of Google game console project have been percolating for quite some time, especially with the acquisition of Chromecast. Prospects are a bit wanting, though, with initial specs speculated as nothing more than an Xbox that leans more on the personal computing side of things.

Google does have the muscle and the resources to experiment with the project. With its online mobile portal converted into a virtual arcade for apps and games, Google is owning the opportunity with a more assertive stance on the console gaming market.

Gaming is the logical next step for tech giants Google and Apple, and to a certain extent, even Amazon. Industry experts are quick to assert the Google game console will hardly make a dent on a Sony and Microsoft-dominated market, but with streamed and downloaded games already a staple in console play, there’s room for new players when the dust settles in a few years (


It’s reported Google will design, develop, and pitch the devices to the market on its own, and will release at least one of these in the Fall.

The tech company is also reportedly monitoring market reception for Ouya, an Android-based console out this week. The drive for the Google game console is in response to Apple, though, especially its plan to pair a gaming console with its next Apple TV offering (


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