Google IO Rumors Abuzz, New Android OS To Reveal! ‘Lollipop’ Update, Google Glass, Smartwatches! Hardware And Software Set To Compete With Apple’s iOS 8, iWatch, iPad, iPhone On Fall Launch!

Google IO rumors abound today, as the tech giant confirms (or debunks) speculation on its latest hardware and software.

Google is taking advantage of the hype surrounding it’s I/O developer conference Wednesday, appealing to the general market with consumer-friendly announcements.

Several reveals are expected to unfold, at the top of the list is the rumored update to Android OS, tentatively nicknamed “Lollipop.” Android exec Sundar Pichai has confirmed plans of the reveal for the new OS, as precursor to updates rolled out until the fall release.

Pichai will also discuss details of Android Wear at the event, as well as revealing companies which will partner in manufacturing Google’s smartwatches. Motorola, LG, and Samsung are set to release their own units in the coming months, to compete with Apple’s iWatch. Samsung and LG are set to launch theirs at the I/O event.

The early reveal for the new Android OS is made for the benefit of manufacturers, expected to release devices in need of a stable OS before the holiday season. Google’s Nexus phones usually have the monopoly of an early release, but Pichai hinted this is about to change as more manufacturers come under Google’s wing (


Google IO rumors won’t let up with only one day to go, especially with the company promising smartwatches from an unlikely mix of manufacturers. Aside from those previously mentioned, it’s reported HTC, Asus, and Fossil will also come out with their own later this year.

Google also competes with Apple’s HealthKit, launching a system that integrates data from fitness and health trackers, from multiple devices. Google Fit is expected to appeal to health and sports buffs, a significant niche.

Nexus tablets and smartphones are in development, but insiders anticipate what’s in store for Google Glass, still under beta testing. It’s likely Google IO rumors of a consumer launch for the headgear Wednesday, especially when Google announced a UK explorer program Monday (


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