Google Maps Update: Brand New Interface, Better Search Results, And Other Features Added To The Navigation System

Google Maps is perhaps the most sought virtual mapping system right now. Users instantly find alternative routes to avoid heavy traffic and reach exact locations they’re looking for with Google’s turn-by-turn directions and voice assistance.  

The much-awaited event Google I/O Conference recently unveiled massive updates to apps and utilities including Maps, just like the following:

For  those who simply want to dine in the newest restaurant in the city, rush to the nearest hotel, and more, the search results now appear right on the map with details that will help users decide where they want to go.

Another feature is transit results, which provide users the total walking time of their trip as well as bus or train schedules. This is really useful for people who live in the big cities, so that they can calculate their travel time.

Lastly, Google Maps now comes with better Terrain View. As per

users can now access this feature from the side menu to get a 3D view of the landscape and elevation. For outgoing people like mountain climbers, this feature can help you see a detailed, elevated view of where you are and what may be ahead.

While these Google Maps updates have been officially announced by the developer, rumors regarding the completely redesigned version of this app continue to spread online.

gathered all the spoilers from trusted tech sites and these are just some of the changes that users must look forward to:

The new version is allegedly more touchscreen-device-friendly. It has no side bar as the map will flash location details on the pop-up menu instead. Users can also filter the location results of specific venues that have accumulated top reviews on the Google+ Circles.

The rumored redesigned Google Map will also show brief information of business locations, right below the search widget. Meanwhile, the address can be found at the upper portion of the info card. Users will also be allowed to use the star icon in order to bookmark the location.

What do you think of the official and unofficial updated versions of Google Maps? Sound off in the comments section below.

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