Google Nexus 8 And Android 4.5 Lollipop Release Date To Clashes With iPhone 6 And iOS 8 Launch! What Is Better Choice Between The Two?

It’s happening! The Google Nexus 8 And Android 4.5 Lollipop release date has been revealed!

Anyone fancying a brand new tablet from Google should hold their purchase and wait on as the Nexus 8 is nearing its release. This upcoming slate is already dubbed to be the iPad Mini Retina killer.

More importantly, Google is looking to focus on the 8 inch market due to the saturation with the 7 inch. While many expect the next Nexus device to be released during Google Developer Conference happening late in June, the Nexus 8 is reported to be arriving in July.

Another way to look at this is with the release pattern of the Nexus 7. Both Nexus 7 devices were released in July. With the Nexus 8 being the sole successor, expect it to repeat this feat.

The highlight of this tablet will be the upcoming Android 4.5 OS. Just like how the Nexus 5 came with the KitKat, the Nexus 8 looks to be the launching platform for the next Android OS.

Tech analyst suggested that the Nexus 8 will come with a price tag of £299. This is slightly more expensive than the Nexus 7. On another note, little is known on what the Nexus 8 will be based on. Some say it is Asus while others claims it to be HTC.

Nevertheless, the Nexus 8 looks to blow the world once it gets released. Like every other Nexus device, expect it to give you your money’s worth.

But the biggest thing about this is that Google Nexus 8 and the android 4.5 lollipop would clash with expected early release date of the iPhone 6 and the iOS 8 in June 2014. Who would win this one? We’ve got to wait a little longer for this one.

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