Google Nexus 8 Tablet Release Date: Disguised As 8.9″ ‘HTC Volantis’, Q4 Launch Announcement Expected At Tomorrow’s I/O

Google Nexus 8 Tablet Release Date: “The Nexus 10 2 is DEAD. Long Live The Nexus 8,” proclaims Paul Briden of

Google’s Nexus 10 2 might well be on its way to being a non-existent product. With Google keeping mum about specs or release date of a big-sized tablet, once rumored to be Nexus 10.2, industry watchers are infuriated about the Mountainview search engine giant adding real estate to create a larger slate with premium quality.

Other tab makers  like Samsung have been early birds in jumping on the 10″ tablet form factor after the release of Apple’s iPads. Google seems to take its time with new releases.

This might be good because rumors suggest Google is creating a 8.9″ tablet that is touted to be an ‘absolute monster.’ And yes, it is labeled the Nexus 8 and the large sized tab is hotly anticipated by Google fans.The ‘Nexus 8’ nomeclature was unearthed by developers from Germany,  Florian Kiersch and Carsten Knobloch in the Chromium Code Review.

Earlier reports say that the Nexus 8 will be manufactured by HTC, the maker of the One M8 released soon after Samsung Galaxy S5. HTC’s One smartphone was voted as the most reliable phone of the year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (MWC 2014).

Code findings revealed that the Nexus 8 code was the same as the ones for the name, ‘Nexus 6’. You can learn everything you need to know about the Nexus 8 by clicking on this link.

Expectations are high that the Nexus 8 will release at Google’s main event in 2014. Googles Nexus 7 slate launched in I/O 2012, and the Nexus 8 will presumably kick off manufcaturing in July. Google watchers say there could be an announcement from Google by the end of June

The brand new Nexus 8 is specifically targeted to rival Apple’s iPad Air and Mini. More interestingly, depending on the success of the highly touted Nexus tablet, it could spell the death of Nexus 7 2013 and Nexus 10 with the Nexus 8 becoming the sole product in its tablet repertoire in 2014.

Meanwhile, Android Police reported that  the Nexus 8’s release date could be in the fourth quarter and will unveil alongside Android 5.0, the most recent OS on the platform. The Google Nexus 8 will launch in two editions,  16GB ($399) and 32GB ($499).

Among other rumors circulated by Android Police, the ‘HTC Volantis’ is supposedly the Nexus 8 in disguise.

Check out Nexus 8’s specs:

8.9″ Display at 2048×1440 (281ppi)

NVIDIA Logan 64-bit processor (Tegra K1)


16/32GB internal storage

8MP OIS main camera, 3MP front facing camera

Aluminum zero-gap construction

Stereo front-facing speakers

8.91″x5.98″x0.31″ body (that’s 22.63×15.19×0.79cm)

418g (or 427g with LTE) (that’s 14.74/15.1 ounces)

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