Google Set To Lauch Its Much-Awaited ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ Project In 2016

Google Set To Lauch Its Much-Awaited 'Accelerated Mobile Pages' Project In 2016

Google Set To Lauch Its Much-Awaited 'Accelerated Mobile Pages' Project In 2016

Google, technology giant, recently launched its “Accelerated Mobile Pages” project in October, which will help to improvise the mobile browsing experience on slow networks, according to ABC News .
The new project from Google promises to enhance the speed of the page download on slow internet connections or on handsets which doesn’t support high end technology like 3G and 4G LTE. The latest project will also help under-developed countries, like India, which still rely on 2G or GPRS internet connection. These nations will be provided with compressed file sizes, so that internet pages can be accessed at ease.

The AMP project is an open source initiative which will help the web pages open in moments, even if they are loaded with videos, animations or heavy graphics. The new project will utilize “AMP HTML” framework which will help to create lightweight pages.
 Google has described this change of reducing page sizes as necessary, because mobile devices are changing at a faster rate and they are now available in higher resolution display. The company also mentioned that its Chrome browser can now compress the size of the pages, according to the network bandwidth and provide a faster download, reported Tech Crunch.
The technology giant also revealed that various publishers and advertisers have expressed their interest in AMP project like, “BBC News, The New York Times, AdSense, AOL, Adobe Analytics and Double Click.” The publishers have nodded their approval to render their services in creating content, which can be downloaded easily.
According to International Business Times , Facebook has already launched its “Instant Articles” for its mobile app. The project of the social media giant provides efficient access to news articles and other textual content, even if the internet connection is slow.
Earlier, Apple has also developed some functionality to help its iOS users block ads on web pages and thus enhance the download speed of mobile web pages, which was against the interests of publishers.
Google’s AMP Project on other hands, is aimed at working with the publishers and advertisers and help them include rich media content and also provide a boost to the web pages.

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