‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 11 Spoilers: Will There Be A New McDreamy For Meredith? New Season To Air Very Soon!

“Grey’s Anatomy” fans just can’t get enough of the much anticipated season 11 of the TV series.

Season 11 will most likely air on September 26, and will have the regular Thursday night timeslot on ABC.

Fans can expect the departure of some favorites this season. Characters like Dr. Cristina Yang, Leah Murphy and Shane Ross  will not be returning to the show, but there have been reports that Tessa Ferrer, who played as Leah Murphy and Gaius Charles (Shane Ross) might be returning to the show only as guest stars.

That leaves the show with Meredith, Miranda, and Derek.

However, more “Grey’s Anatomy” season 11 spoilers point out that there might be a new addition to this season’s cast.  Budding actor Robert McHalffey, 29 years old, has been rumored to be one of the newest cast members of the hit TV show.

Will he be the new McDreamy?

In an interview for Los Angeles Times, McHalffey shared:  

“I had an audition for Grey’s Anatomy two months ago. Regardless if I get the part, I was in the room. They know who I am. It’s the little victories.”

McHaffley shared that it’s not easy to get a head start in the business, but he’s not giving up:

“I’m persistent.”

“I’ll keep watering the plant until there’s a plant. I only have to compete with actors my type: 6-1 and who look like me. I have to be the best.”

“Grey’s Anatomy” season 11 will most likely be split into two parts just like season 10. The first part will run from September to mid December this year, while part 2 will run from February to May 2015.

Stay tuned for more “Grey’s Anatomy” season 11 spoilers!

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