GTA V Online Heists DLC Release Date Announced After PC, PS4, Xbox One Edition Of Grand Theft Auto 5? New Trailer For The Game Confirms Improved Graphics And Framerate For Next Gen Console Version!

For so long now, players on GTA 5’s multiplayer mode have been waiting for the heist DLC to arrive in GTA Online. Now, it appears that the wait is nearing an end.

Many rumours have surfaced as of late hinting that the heist DLC is coming very soon from now. Popular YouTuber, MrBossFTW, went as far as citing several possible dates for its release. They are revealed to be 10 June, 17 June and 20 June.

Two of the dates revealed falls on Tuesday. Unless you’ve been playing GTA Online, Tuesday is the day where Rockstar rolls out an update for GTA 5. The first Tuesday is on 10 June. This is the same date as the second day of E3. This mega annual gaming event will hog on all the spotlights which makes the DLC release unlikely.

The best bet is with 17 June. It is exactly a week after E3 and is a Tuesday as well. The date is simply perfect for Rockstar to roll out the heist DLC. The final date is 20 June and while it might not fall on a Tuesday, it marks the season change.

Rockstar promised the heist DLC to come before summer. If it is not released on 20 June, then the game developer is going to face some tough times with the fans.

All in all, the heist DLC can never escape a June release. We are already in June now so let the countdown begins. Mark your calendar players because we got a bank to rob.

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