GTA V PS4 Vs PS3 Graphics Comparison Video Shows How Rockstar Greatly Improved The Grand Theft Auto 5 Visuals For The Next Gen Consoles And PC [VIDEO]

If you are one of the rare people who has both the PS3 and PS4 but hasn’t played GTA V then you would want to see the GTA V PS4 vs PS3 comparison then read on!

Rockstar has finally unveiled the Grand Theft Auto 5 for PS4 with a brief trailer during E3 2014 and now Digital Foundry created a GTA V PS4 vs PS3 video as it compares similar footage from the game’s PS3 version.

Joystiq notes that some of the side-by-side trailer’s more stark contrasts include crashing waves, more animals moving about and some instances of enhanced lighting and details on items like factories and vehicles in the GTA V PS4 version.

Aside from GTA V PS3 being outclassed in the graphics department, Rockstar may have delayed the Heists DLC release date to match the GTA V PS4, PC and Xbox One release date.

The GTA Online Heists DLC release date may have been delayed to Fall 2014 to meet the launch of GTA V PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

According to the report of gaming news reporter Cyberland, the GTA Online Heists DLC release date has been pushed back to Fall 2014 to meet the launch of GTA V PC, Xbox One and PS4 however this report conflicts with Rockstar’s earlier announcement that the GTA Online Heists DLC release date is set on Spring 2014.

But fans are not optimistic that the GTA Online Heists DLC release date will still happen on Spring 2014. User “GreySharkMatter” on GameFAQs has commented that “We won’t get heists soon. It’s obvious that Rockstar is busy working on the next-gen GTA 5 to worry about the heists dlc.”

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