GTX 800 Series Release Date Set As 880 vs 780 Ti Comparison Shows Improved Performance At A Cheaper Cost!


The GTX 800 series release date has been revealed after reports came in the production of the GTX 800 series was delayed.

Bad news for PC gamers who are looking to upgrade to the GTX 800 series because while the 28nm Maxwell chips are currently available in the GTX 750, 750 Ti, but 20nm designs might be delayed but the good news is, The GTX 880 will be cheaper than the initial 780 Ti but it is going to be much more powerful.

In a report by Sweclockers, they have said that Nvidia’s next GPU design will be delayed from late 2014 to some point in 2015.

The report stems from the fact that Taiwanese contacts claiming that TSMC, the foundry that produces chips for Nvidia, is not prepared for a full-on 20nm chip production run.

Nvidia relies on two major designs in its GeForce graphics cards. The Kepler is the chip type found in many of the 700 series GPUs, as well as in the GTX Titan.

The Maxwell chip architechure was introduced in the GTX 750 and 750 Ti back in February. These Maxwell chips, which are also at the heart of the GTX 800M chips making the rounds in new gaming laptops, are built on a 28nm fabrication, while the Maxwell’s of the future are going to be built with the aforementioned 20nm process.

The reported delay means the next GeForce line will be bumped from Q4 2014 into 2015.

Sweclockers says there’s a chance of one high-end 20nm Maxwell model being released in 2014 (that line’s equivalent of the GTX 780 ot 780 Ti, perhaps), but there’s no guarantee of that happening.

Cyberland PC reports that the GTX 800 series are going to be significantly more powerful than the GTX 700 series but their pricing would be lower than when the top of the line cards of the GTX 700 series became available. So atleast there are some good GTX 800 series news that came along with the release date delay.

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