Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin, Might ‘Get Back Together’, Finds No Pressure To ‘Make It Work’, Rumor Suggests

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced that they are “consciously uncoupling” three months ago but since the online statement circulated, the couple has been spotted acting like a romantic pair. According to reports this might be a sign that divorce may not be in their immediate future. In a report that People magazine published, it is said that reconciliation might be in the works for them.

“They haven’t made any concrete decision to get back together yet, but clearly it’s a possibility,” a friend of the couple tells PEOPLE. “At this point, some of the pressure was just taken off them – pressure they put on themselves to ‘make it work.’ ”

“They have spent more time together than they did when they were a couple,” says another source to People. “When they are out together, all they do is laugh and act flirty and playful.”

Reportedly, Martin moved back to the Brentwood home he shared with Paltrow and their two kids, Apple, 10, and Moses, 8, and stays there when he’s not touring with Coldplay.

According to Huffington Post, since the breakup, Martin is thought to have felt less stressed about his and Gwyneth’s relationship, and therefore seen his marriage in a new light.

“Gwyneth and Chris always vowed to stay friends for their children when they split, but they have been getting on better than ever in the last few weeks. After they announced they were splitting up, all the pressure was off and Chris has really enjoyed spending time with Gwyneth,” an insider revealed to British magazine Grazia.

People reported that even the couple have not made any official decision to get back together, friends say the two will always have something in common: their dedication to their kids.

“Gwyneth didn’t want to end the marriage and is happy that she and Chris still have a close relationship,” says an insider close to the family. “He’s been a great father and that has helped keep the flame alive.”

Adds the friend: “They clearly love each other and always will, and if the romance comes back, they’ll go with it if it feels right.”

Paltrow and Martin announced their split last March. The couple were married for 10 years.

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