Half Life 3 Confirmed! Minh Le Shares His Insights On What To Expect In This Much-Hyped Third Chapter! What Is The Game’s Current Status With Valve?

Half Life Half Life fans are already being impatient as they were kept waiting a decade for Half Life 3. As a matter of fact, there is still no sign of the third sequel coming anytime soon. Obviously, Valve has to blame for this but what could have caused it?

Some light has been shed when Minh Le was interviewed in Twitch. Le was asked about the existence of Half-Life 3. “I don’t think I can talk about that, to be honest,” he said, before going ahead and talking about it.

“I think it’s kind of public knowledge, that people know that it is being worked on. And so if I were to say that yeah, I’ve seen some images, like some concept art of it, that wouldn’t be big news to be honest.

“I guess I could say that I did see something that looked kinda like in the Half-Life universe,” said Le.

“And I mean it wouldn’t surprise anyone if I said they’re doing it, they’re working on it, yeah. So to go on a limb I’d say I did see some concept art for Half-Life 3”.

Also, an insider, Michael Patcher, removed the blurs and claims that the Steam Machines are the cause of the delay. The managing director of equity research at Wedbush Securities added that Valve wishes to utilize Half Life 3’s popularity to boost the sale of their very own line of gaming consoles.

Patcher took note of the existing Steam Machines and noticed that they are too costly to own. Valve will realize these slow sales and might exploit Half Life 3’s popularity to give the Steam Machines a boost.

Such information might sound logical but it fully contradicts with Valve claims that the Steam Machines won’t have exclusive games. On the other hand, the Steam consoles are too costly to own and it might need the aid of Half Life 3.

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