Half Life 3 Release Date Hinted To Coincide With Steam OS And Steam Machines Launch! HL3 Rumored To Be Bundled With The New ‘Valve Computers’ Once It Launches!


The much anticipated Half Life 3 release date could possibly be the same date as the release date of the first batches of Steam Machines as it has been hinted that HL3 could be bundled with the new “Valve Computers” with Steam OS’

Why is Valve not announcing the Half Life 3 release date? Simple, because they are waiting for the launch of the Steam OS with the Steam Machines before announcing any sort of Half Life 3 news!

Some fans put the blame on Valve in not giving any specifics but it seems that the fingers are being pointed elsewhere. GamingBolt revealed what Managing Director of Equity Research at Wedbush Securities’ Michael Patcher has to say about it and it seems that the lad blames the Steam Machines.

If there is a gaming title to launch with a brand new console, it is Half Life 3. Patcher believes that the Steam Machines development has been the reason for Half Life 3’s delay. After all, doing so will only boost the sales of the Machines by a greater margin.

Patcher took note of the existing Steam Machines and noticed that they are too costly to own. Valve will realize these slow sales and might exploit Half Life 3’s popularity to give the Steam Machines a boost.

On the other hand, it contradicts to Valve message where the Steam Machines won’t have exclusive games. Then again, the game developer has been very evasive on certain subjects and this may well be one of them.

Half Life 3 is definitely not a game to be treated like this; it is one of the pioneers in bringing first person shooting games to a whole new level since the Counter-Strike heydays.

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