Half Life 3 The Saving Grace For E3 2014? Rumors Say Game Will Be Revealed Either On Day 2 Or 3! ME 4, DA 3, And KH 3 Updates Coming Too?

The biggest annual gaming event is back and this year, things are going to get more epic than ever. For starters, E3 will be playing host to a number of great sequels that are currently in productions.

Titles like Mass Effect 4, Dragon Age 3, Kingdom Hearts 3 and many others are all getting more reveals during the event. On the other hand, there are the Half Life community, which is now hoping that E3 will be the place where Valve finally announces Half Life 3.

It is unsure if envy is responsible for this sudden uprising of hype but that does not look like happening. It has been a painful decade-long wait for the Half Life fans but to be delusional is just plain sad.

This might be hard to believe but there won’t be any Half Life 3 reveals happening on E3 this year. Valve wouldn’t want to waste its stage time trying to surprise the world as it has so much other things to talk about. This includes the Steam Controller, SteamOS, Steam Machines and Valve’s exclusive VR headset.

The only way for Valve to start talking on Half Life 3 is when Source 2 is finally completed, and so as the productions of the above gadgets.

This isn’t just the cold hard truth. Looking back at the past decade, the fans have been let down by their hopes for many times already. For the best E3 experience, it is best to leave Half Life 3 out of it.

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