Halo 5 Movie News, Teasers To The Ridley Scott Project; Leaked Footage Of Filming Posted On YouTube Confirms Fan Buzz

Ridley Scott’s name comes up in Halo 5 movie news, or anything that’s distinctly Halo. The “Gladiator” director has commenced filming for a digital live-action adaption of the first-person shooter.

The director is on location and filming at Belfast’s Titanic Quarter in Northern Ireland. Scott produces the Xbox-exclusive project, with director Sergio Mimica-Gezzam of TV’s “Battlestar Galactica.”

Leaked footage of filming is expected in on-location scenes, and true enough, a YouTube video was posted, confirming the Halo 5 movie news project as legitimate. Note that the digital movie is released in anticipation of the Halo 5: Guardians installment, and may or may not involve characters or scenarios in the new game.

The YouTube video was posted by user Jayster, capturing a crowded scene with a weirdly-dressed, gun-slinging man weaving his way through the commotion. The costume doesn’t resemble that of a Spartan.

Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg are working on separate projects for the Xbox, the latter working on a television series exclusive to the Microsoft consoles. Both are projects of Xbox Entertainment Studios, a production company helmed by Nancy Tellem, a former CBS executive.

In related news, Xbox Entertainment is also pooling a variety of TV projects, including a documentary on the New Mexico landfill dig for extraterrestrials, as well as one on the effects of technology on the modern world; there’s also a show centered on World Cup 2014, and comedies pooling celebs like Michael Cera and Sarah Silverman.

The latest Halo 5 movie news follows through on the momentum of the franchise, with billions of dollars reportedly earned since the first Halo game came out.

The digital feature departs from the storyline of Master Chief, with themes entirely different from Spielberg’s project. Halo 5: Guardians won’t be released till 2015, but Microsoft is remastering the previous installments, to be released as a mega-bundle for the Xbox One (



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