Halo Master Chief Collection Release Date Comes With ‘Guardians’ Beta! Everything Fans Anticipate, All Installments, With Nightfall To Boot! Ridley Scott’s Episode Series In Compilation!

The Halo Master Chief Collection release date builds momentum for Halo 5, and is set to formally introduce gamers to the long-running franchise.

Halo 5: Guardians is set to be launched November 2015, but Microsoft is tiding fans over for the long wait with installments and substitutes in between. Earlier reports of Ridley Scott’s participation in a Halo project were confirmed, adding to the hype of a much-anticipated installment.


fall 2015 release date for Halo 5 is a distant future for fans of the series, and the announcement for the launch of the Halo Master Chief Collection is welcome news, especially for fans in need of a formal initiation to the Halo universe.

The collection unifies every installment in the Halo saga in one disc. Halo 1 through 4 are included in the compilation, with a couple of extras thrown in to sweeten the deal.

Players get first peak at a playable, beta version of Halo 5, as well as the transition installment for the series: Halo Nightfall.

Players can choose between all the Halo games and features off the bat, with the hassles of unlockables and Easter eggs waived. The Halo Master Chief Collection release date on November should offer a collection to satisfy players new to the franchise, also appeals to salivating fans itching to play at least a demo of the next Halo installment.

The Halo games on the collection aren’t “remastered,” with gameplay running on the original engines. Halo Nightfall is a novelty, bridging the gap between previous installments and the next one, developing the backstory for Halo 5’s Agent Locke.

Nightfall is the confirmed Ridley Scott project. Initial episodes are ready to browse from the disc and come the Halo Master Chief Collection release date, and notifications of new episodes are sent via the game’s user interface.

Insider Bonnie Ross comments on the collection: “We were pushing the limits of the disc already with what we have now on the Master Chief Collection.” (



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