Halo Movie News: Is ‘Dark Knight’ Star Christian Bale The Perfect Candidate To Star As Master Chief?

Halo Movie News: Nowadays, games have been subject for film adaptations. Not only does it offer interesting storylines, but it also attracts a huge target audience, first being the avid fans of that particular game.

Not many games are given that privilege though, as most games being translated into the big screen are those with a sequel or two. Halo, definitely fits in to that criteria.

It was announced in 2005 that Peter Jackson was set to produce a Halo film adaptation, helmed by director Neill Blomkamp. After numerous script rewrites and the stopping and starting of preproduction, the project was declared dead two years later. The two directors later collaborated on District 9, and in spite of occasional discussions and rumors that spring up, the Halo movie seems stuck in development, where it’s likely to remain for some time to come.

As of the moment, fans can only speculate who could possibly play the main character roles in Halo. First question that comes into mind is who will play the role of Master Chief, Cortana, Major Avery Johnson, The Arbiter, The Prophet Of Truth, and Miranda Keys to name a few?

A fan made video was uploaded in Youtube which featured plausible actors who could fit in these aforementioned roles. Watch the video below: Christian Bale is a very good choice since he is used to lead roles with imposing aura like Batman. Also, he was already relieved of this role since Ben Affleck is already playing the Batman role in the film Batman V Superman. A movie adaptation like this definitely could use Bale’s star power.

What do you think readers? Are there other candidates not included in the video that suits the role of the characters shown in the video? Sound off in the comments section below!

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