Hank Baskett Cheated On Kendra: Having An Affair With Transexual Model Ava Sabrina London

According to multiple sources online, the 31 year old Hank Baskett cheated on Kendra Wilkinson with a transsexual model in April, after viewing her sexy videos on YouTube.

The affair reportedly started when Kendra was only eight month pregnant and continued until she gave birth in May. The marriage of Hank Baskett and Kender Wilkinson is in trouble after Monday Radar Online reported that the athlete is cheating with Ava Sabrina London, a transsexual model. 

It is said that Baskett paid Ava $2500 to keep their affair a secret.

Baskett and Ava met on April 22 in Sherman Oaks, California. He saw her videos online and he called her twice. Baskett used a fake name in order to hide their affair

During the interview with The National Enquierer, Ava Sabrina London narrated how she met Baskett and engaged in sexual acts with him in April. London said that her videos in YouTube caught the attention of Kendra’s husband. She claimed they met between 22 or 23 of April 2014.

Sabrina, known as Ava Masaniai in real life, have a series of videos in YouTube where she shows off her best assets on her videos.

She said Baskett contacted her and used a fake name – Steve. Ava recalled that Baskett is absolutely aware that she is a transsexual. After the affair of Jlo’s boyfriend Casper Smart with a transsexual circulated in the news, Baskett became paranoid. He promised to pay Ava to keep her silence and even threatened her that he will commit suicide. Hank and Kendra was last seen together on Saturday as they did some errands with their kid. Hank was spotted going away from their house on Friday. He looked ‘broken,’ with bags in hand, according to The Enquirer. On June 19, Hank tweeted,  “Mornin yall! @MrHankBaskettSr & I are on our way down to the #MLGAnaheim championships. Small road trip with pops good times.”

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