Having Issues With iPhone 5s Battery Life Post-iOs 7.1? Here Are Some Tips To Fix The Problems And Guide For Better Energy Consumption!

There is no doubt that iOS 7.1 came with numerous features and improvements and it seemed to be the best version of iOS to come from Apple. However iOS 7.1 does come with one problem, it drains the battery fast when compared to iOS 7.

There isn’t anything you can do about this of course, if you want the latest version of iOS on your device. But there are some things that you can do to help rectify the battery draining issue to get more life from the battery.

Testing the battery – you can go into Settings – General Usage and check out the amount of power it uses. Leave the handset is standby for around 5 to 10 minutes and then check the results again. If the usage increases this tells you that there is something amiss when the handset is in standby.

Close your apps – you can get more from your battery if you close off all the apps that are running in the background, which you are not using.

Turn off push email then re-enable it – an email may be stuck and there could be a glitch that keeps attempting to resend it time after time. You can disable the app and then re-enable it to remedy this issue.

Turn the battery percentage off – if you turn off the battery percentage indicator it will mean that you are not tempted to keep checking how much battery you have left every five minutes.

Turn the brightness down – you don’t need the display on full brightness when you are inside and the light is bright. Turning down the screens brightness can save battery power.

Switch off location services – if you are not using location services you should turn them off.

Disable updates in the background – when apps update they drain your battery, so you might want to disable automatic updating. Auto updates also use your data, so you may wish to just update when using a Wi-Fi connection and your device is plugged in.

Do a hard reset – sometimes it is practical to do a hard reset of your device as some apps don’t always close off.

Use the handset until it stop – every so often you should use your handset until your battery is completely dead. This can help with the health of the battery.

Reset your handset – if you are at your wits end and your battery is draining fast you can do a complete reset of the device.

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