Henry Cavill News 2014: ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Star Takes A Break In Filming, Speaks About Detroit Horror Stories

Henry Cavill has been filming in Detroit for the past six months of 2014 according to latest news. The British actor takes a break from filming as he joins uphill fundraising run for Royal Marines in Gibraltar where he take some time talking about Detroit in an interview posted in.

“There are so many horror stories about Detroit, and Michigan, and none of them are true. I’ve really enjoyed it, actually,” Cavill said. “Downtown Detroit is a bit worn certainly, but the suburbs there are absolutely fantastic.”

The actor also opens up about his feeling towards fans and paparazzi. According to

Henrycavill.org, he considers this as part of his job.

“You get used to it. It’s definitely a different lifestyle to begin with. I think it’s probably more of a pain for those who are with me because they’re used to going from one place to another and it taking ten minutes because that’s how long it takes to get there. But with me it will take half an hour to an hour because I have to stop and say hello to people and take photographs. I’m used to it. It’s probably more of a burden to those who aren’t.”

On the other hand, Daily Mail reported that Henry Cavill was joined by his brother Nik Cavill, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Marines, for the 350th anniversary run. The actor together with his brother and 40 other participants wear luminous yellow t-shirt and black shorts as they undertake a five kilometre uphill run as part of the fundraising campaign for the Royal Marines.

“I will remember this day fondly and probably with a little bit of physical discomfort, which only seems fitting considering what this day represents,” Cavill, an ambassador for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund said.

Event organizer Alan Hardy expressed his delight in the actor’s participation.

“Gibraltar will always hold a special place in Royal Marines history,” Hardy added. “We have organised a fantastic weekend of fun and celebrations for participants and the locals of Gibraltar.”

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