Here Comes Jang Bo RI” Kim Ji Young Calls Everyone Dad

Here Comes Jang Bo RI" Kim Ji Young Calls Everyone Dad
Here Comes Jang Bo RI" Kim Ji Young Calls Everyone Dad

Bi Dan (played by Kim Ji Young) and her family ended up living in the same house as Nae Chun (played by Choi Dae Chul) and Yoo Chun (played by Gun Il).

On the episode of MBC weekend drama “Here comes Jang Bo Ri” broadcast on june 8th, Nae Chun leaves prison and is able to get a fresh start with his younger brother Yoo Chun.

On the day that Nae Chun left prison, the gang members were waiting in front of his house with tofu in their hands.  Nonetheless, Nae Chun said to his fellow gang members who were bowing that this was completely embarrassing and expressed his opinion.

The gang members asked that he not leave them and bowed in a 90 degree angle.  However, Nae Chun said very coldly never to appear in front of him.

Then, Nae Chun was surprised to see his brother Yoo Chun.  Yoo Chun asked him whether he’s ready to be an ordinary citizen as he appeared with tofu.

Nae Chun was extremely moved by Yoo Chun’s visit and asked whether he was willing to take him back.  Yoo Chun said it depended on his actions and took him to the new house.

Meanwhile, Bi Dan called Yoo Chun “Uncle” and started to get in his arms.  Nae Chun asked him who the child was and Bi Dan suddenly said, “Dad.”

Yoo Chun explained that Bi Dan called all men dad who came to their house.

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