Here Comes Jang Bo Ri” Oh Yeon Suh And Kim Ji Young Chemistry

Here Comes Jang Bo Ri" Oh Yeon Suh And Kim Ji Young Chemistry
Here Comes Jang Bo Ri" Oh Yeon Suh And Kim Ji Young Chemistry

MBC weekend drama “Here Comes Jang Bori” Kim Ji Young and Oh Yeon Suh are showing off the best mother-daughter chemistry.

On the 18 episode of “Here Comes Jang Bori” aired on June 8, Bori (played by Oh Yeon Suh) and Bori’s daughter Bi Dan (played by Kim Ji Young) showed great chemistry and became the best new mother-daughter couple.

Bori’s personality is ordinarily sharp and intelligent and her personality is adopted by 5 year old Bi Dan who takes after her dialect and accent.  The two is showing the most similar resemblance and confirmed that they’re the best mother-daughter pair with chemistry.

In addition, five years has passed so Bo Ri is a lot more mature than before and showing off a chemistry that is so airtight that no one can get in between the two.

Oh Yeon Suh and Kim Ji Young acted so well together that people couldn’t believe it was their first meeting.  Nonetheless, when they started filming, they were so compatible together that there was continuous smiling on the set.

Netizens who saw this said that it made them smile naturally and said that the best mother-daughter pair had come to life.  They were surprised at how lovable they were.

Meanwhile, Bo Ri who comes up to Seoul gets the help of Ok Soo (played by Yang Mi Kyung) and becomes the student of Soo Mi (palyed by Kim Yong Rim).  It will be interesting to see how the tension will raise up in the drama as MBC weekend drama “Here Comes Jang Bo Ri” will be aired every Saturday and Sunday at 8:45.

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