Here Comes Jang Bo Ri” Welcoming Change

Here Comes Jang Bo Ri" Welcoming Change
Here Comes Jang Bo Ri" Welcoming Change

Oh Yeon Suh got even worse.

On the MBC weekend drama “Here Comes Jang Bo Ri” broadcast on June 14, Ok Soo (played by Yang Mi Kyung)’s recommendation was given to Bo Ri (played by Oh Yeon Suh).  He wins In Hwa (played by Kim Hae Ok)’s interference and becomes a student of Soo Mi (played by Kim Yong Rim).

On this day, Bo Ri’s message was given to Min Jung (played by Lee Yoo Ri) and left the U.S. quickly.  At the threat that Min Jung said, Bo Ri said, “You only waste a plane ticket.  Here, I’m going to learn how to sew.  I got in through a test and there will be no reason to leave on my own” and didn’t back down.

At this, Min Jung asked about her mother Ms. Do (played by Hwang Yougn Hee) that had deserted her and said, “What right to you have to ask about my mother?  You left a letter that you were going to the U.S. and didn’t even call.  I wont’ even tell you rmother that I saw you.”

Min Jung saw that Bo Ri wasn’t giving up quickly and was angered.  Then, BO RI said, “You say you’re an orphan.  You said that it doesn’t matter so how long do I have to listen to you?  I have to think about my own future now.  You went abroad to study and you’re afraid to lose to me?  As long as you don’t affect me in a negative way, there will be no reason to tell on you.

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