High School King” Lee Hana Is The Second Samsoon?

High School King" Lee Hana Is The Second Samsoon?
High School King" Lee Hana Is The Second Samsoon?

Lee Hana announced the introduction of a new romantic comedy queen.  On the tvN Monday/Tuesday drama “High School King” broadcast on June 16, Lee Hana played a romantic comedy role that rivaled “My Name is Kim Sam Soon.”  From the first episode, she showed many great scenes that showed that she was destroying herself.  She comes back for the first time in five years and it seems like she is determined.

In the role, Lee Hana plays the contract employee Jung Soo Young. Just like any other female employee, she has a one sided crush on Yoo Jin Woo and starts to get ahead of herself.  Through Yoo Jin Woo’s ordinary actions, she gets into a mistaken belief that the guy actually likes her when he had no interest whatsoever.

Yoo Jin Woo had made her act falsely so that he could breach the contract with China but instead, she miundertands his moves thinking that he has a crush on her.  This reaches the peak as she ends up confessing her feelings to him in the bathroom.

Her actions really epitomized the scene of a clueless girl in love.  Will Yoo Jin Woo open up to Jung Soo Young? Or will she start to like Lee Min Suk (played by Suh In Kuk)?  To Jung Soo Yougn and to Lee Hana, there will be a springlike romance to come.

Meanwhile, High School King” is about a high school teenager joining a corporate company as one of the executives.

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