Homefront: The Revolution News: Release Date Set On 2015 As Crytek Talks About Plot Details, Settings And Multiplayer Features Of The Game!

A new Homefront game has been revealed as gaming fans eagerly anticipate the new title Homefront: The Revolution on E3 2014. For those who haven’t seen the trailer yet, here is the video below.

Gamerant reports that Crytek will be handling the new Homefront game ever since its original developer Kaos Studios was shut down by THQ due to bankruptcy.

Crytek UK game designer Fasahat Salim talked about the game’s shortcomings and its intention to make the game even better than before during an interview with Eurogamers.

“The original game did have its flaws, there’s no secret about that. It didn’t quite reach the level that people were hoping for… We started off with THQ coming to us to work on the next Homefront. That was exciting because we saw the potential that Homefront had and could offer – we wanted to take that premise forward. But we were still working on a very linear scale where it was a level by level shooter.

“Once we acquired [Homefront] after the whole THQ business in 2012, that gave us the flexibility to push out from that and see how far we could take it. All of a sudden it was up to us how big we wanted the game to be – we were in full control of it. That was really exciting. It was then we made the call to make this a free-roaming world where the player isn’t restricted by levels.”

Salim also revealed the gameplay style of Homefront: The Revolution, having a single player and co-operative features similar to Borderlands and Destiny. “The idea is that you come together to do something you all want to do – if you come across a mission you think is cool, or want someone to help you out.”

Joystiq further reports on the other features of the game as Salim explains the open world settings of Homefront.

“When we were working with THQ we were initially started on quite a linear, level-by-level first-person shooter,” Crytek UK game designer Fasahat Salim tells Joystiq. “After we acquired the license, we jumped at the possibility of expanding on that. That’s when we came up with the idea of [focusing on] guerrilla warfare” and the team decided to move to an open world.”

“It’s not only an open world,” Salim pitches, “we can make this into an evolving open world. A space that responds to what you’re doing in the game. It’s not only the environment that changes, it’s the people that inhabit the space as well.”

“We were quite worried about what was going to happen to all of the work that we put into this game, but then we found out Crytek were actually going to go in and buy the whole IP, which is really exciting for us,” Salim admits. “All of a sudden, there was an opportunity to go way beyond anything that we had initially thought of when we started out.”

Homefront: The Revolution plotline takes place two years after the first game as the GKR ( Greater Korean Republic) took over the eastern states of America after they have took over the west side of the country. The players assume the role of Ethan Brady, a young freedom fighter who rebels against the GKR as he frees his people from their oppression and tyrannical rule.

Homefront: The Revolution is scheduled to be released on 2015 for PC, Linux, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 as the game will be showcased on upcoming E3 2014 this month.

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