‘Homeland’ Season 4 Spoilers: Fans Would Need To Bid Goodbye To Mike Faber And The Whole Brody Family; But Will Nick Brody Make A Surprising Comeback In The New Season?

“Homeland” season 4 spoilers are all over the net, and it doesn’t look good for fans of the Mike Faber- Jessica Brody love affair.

Diego Klattenhoff who plays Mike Faber on the hit TV series has confirmed that he will not be back for the new season.

Aside from starring in “Homeland,” Klattenhoff has signed on for the new TV show “The Blacklist” which also stars James Spader.  He plays an FBI agent named Donald Ressler and is working alongside Elizabeth Keen played by Megan Boone.

Klattenhoff is set to stay around the new drama longer since he plays a more prominent role than his role in “Homeland.”

In an interview with “Digital Spy,” Klattenhoff had this to share about his departure from the TV show:

“Brody’s dead and I think they’ve moved on.  I had such a great run, but from what I understand, Carrie (Claire Danes) is gone overseas and I don’t know how they would squeeze it in.”

At the end of season three, it was revealed that “Homeland” season four might film in South Africa because of Carrie’s new job.

Klattenhoff’s character might not be useful to the series anymore since his story is closely knit to that of the Brodys. And since Nick was untimely killed off in the previous season, there might be no room for character development for his wife and kids.

Morena Baccarin who plays Nick’s wife Jessica, and Morgan Saylor who plays his daughter Dana, have also confirmed their exit from the show.

This is indeed sad news for fans who are eager to know whether there will still be a Mike-Jessica team-up in the future seasons.  As it turns out, there won’t be.

But, new “Homeland” season 4 spoilers also speculate that there might be a return for Nick Brody in the new season.  The idea is too farfetched and might prove to be disruptive for the series’ flow, but it’s still talked about by a lot of fans nonetheless.

No official confirmation has been made regarding the rumor, but it would be highly unlikely that the creators of the show will resurrect the dead character.

Stay tuned here for more “Homeland” season 4 spoilers!

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