Hotel King” Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook’s Difficult Love

Hotel King" Lee Da Hae
Hotel King" Lee Da Hae

Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae made viewers cry with their tough love.

On the 19 episode of MBC weekend drama “Hotel King” broadcast on June 14, CL Hotel CEO Amone (played by Lee Da Hae) suffered from Beauty Baek’s strategy and stepped back from the CEO position.  Beauty Baek opened a secret meeting and passed the matter about the firing of Amone.

More than that, she argued that the night before CEO Ah died, she had taken out a loan using the stocks as collateral.  Then, she pressured Amone saying that if she doesn’t want to suffer on the streets, she should give up her inheritance.  At this, Mone who became a beggar went to Song Chae Kyung (played by Wang Ji Hye) and asked to borrow money.  However, Song Chae Kyung refused saying that this was beyond her limits.

It wasn’t only this.  Beauty Baek had ushered Mone out from the house they were living in.  Mone went to the place where she used to vacation with Cha Jae Wan before.  At this, Cha Jae Wan predicted Mone would also go to that place and went to the resort.

However, Mone said, “It turns out that they had hidden anyway.  If you checked their life or death, then go back” and was cold.  At this, they explained the reason saying, “Now I don’t even want to look at your face.  If you look at their face, it’s tough.”  Nonetheless, Jae Wan asked the reason saying, “Are you going back to the U.S.?”

Meanwhile, “Hotel King” is about a man named Cha Jae Wan who has a grudge against his mother and his father that had deserted him.  It is a story about him growing into a cold-hearted hotelier in a bildungsroman drama.

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