Hotel King” Lee Da Hae Shudders At Betrayal

Hotel King" Lee Da Hae Shudders At Betrayal
Hotel King" Lee Da Hae Shudders At Betrayal

Lee Da Hae was shocked at the betrayal of Kim Hae Sook.

On the 19 episode of MBC weekend drama ‘Hotel King” broadcast on June 14, CL Training Manager Beauty Baek (played by Kim Hae Sook) opened a secret meeting without the president Amone (played by Lee Da Hae) and successfully passed the matter of firing the executive director.

Before this, Beauty Baek had acted like a guardian angel and had gotten the faith from Mone.  Because of this, Amone had her shoes stepped on and because of this, she was upset in the morning.  From the early morning hours, she went to the meeting, “Was it you who went to the criminal’s board meeting with your eyes closed and all?  Is this really your fraud incident of you Beauty Baek?  You be clear now” and shouted.

However, Beauty Baek said, “Until when are you going to wait for the cosmetics family that is going to eat away at our company?”  Moreover, she said, “Do you think administration is like childs play?  Do you think it’s something that you play with until you get sick of it? Or until the hotel crashes?” as she said coldly.

At this, Mone said instead of answering, “Listen well.  Even if you’re fired from this position, we will open a shareholders’ meeting and we will get rid of all your qualifications for this” and was upset.

Meanwhile, “Hotel King” is about a man named Cha Jae Wan who has a grudge against his mother and his father that had deserted him.  It is a story about him growing into a cold-hearted hotelier in a bildungsroman drama.

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