‘Hotel King” Lee Da Hae Slaps Lee Dong Wook

'Hotel King" Lee Da Hae Slaps Lee Dong Wook
'Hotel King" Lee Da Hae Slaps Lee Dong Wook

“Hotel King” actress Lee Da Hae started to slap Lee Dong Wook across the face.

On the episode of MBC weekend drama “Hotel King” broadcast on May 31,CL Hotel’s Director AMonet (played by Lee Da Hae) slapped the cheek of the chief director Cha Jae Wan (played by Lee Dong Wook) and started to raise the tension level of the drama.

On this episode, Monet found out that Cha Jae Wan had also contributed in killing CEO Ah Sung Won with the Vice Director Lee Joong Goo (played by Lee Duk Wa).

At this, Monet went to Jae Wan and slapped him across the face, expressing his anger.  However, Jae Wan’s expressions did not change and said calmly, “If you’re not feeling angry anymore, just leave.”  Monet was even more angry seeing this and said, “Now it’s your turn” as hse tried to slap him with Jae Wan’s hands.

Then, Jae Wan was completely startled and stopped Monet’s actions by saying, “Are you crazy?”  Then, Monet acknowledged this fact saying that he was crazy.  At this, he also started to bawl and cry saying, “So it was just a man like you that made me not realize who my father was and report?  Your’e really a horrible horrible daughter.”

Jae Wan’s heart was hurt but he tried to hide his inner feelings.  To Monet, he said, “Right.  You’re right.  I’m crazy.  It was too easy so this was even amusing for me.  If you’ve come back to your senses now, don’t cause a scene and just leave.  I’m sick of you” and said things that he didn’t mean.

However, Monet didn’t realize the inner feelings of Cha jae Wan as Cha Jae Wan continued to be brazen.  He then vowed revenge.

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