‘Hotel King” Lee Dong Wook Tells Lee Duk Wha That He’s Garbage

'Hotel King" Lee Dong Wook Tells Lee Duk Wha That He's Garbage
'Hotel King" Lee Dong Wook Tells Lee Duk Wha That He's Garbage

“Hotel King” Lee Dong Wook sent a hateful look to Lee Duk Hwa.

On the 17 episode of MBC weekend drama “Hotel King” broadcast on June 7, the Vice Chairman Lee Doong Goo (played by Lee Duk Wha) called Cha Jae Wan (played by Lee Dong Wook) the main overseer who was arrested and asked for an explanation.

Cha Jae Wan sent over a verification of paternity and confirmed that the two were father-son.  Nonetheless, Lee Joong Goo said, “What are you gaining from such lies?  Your father is Ah Sung Won who died” and refused the truth.

Then, Cha Jae Wan said, “I don’t care.  Ah Sung Won said that it wasn’t enough for you to take a woman and have her give birth to a child that you even pushed her to death.  That story is not about CEO Ah but about you, right?” he asked.

Lee Joong Goo was surprised and tried to explain this but Cha Jae Wan said, “Don’t answer.  He didn’t expect that you would say the truth.  Let’s never meet each other again” he said coldly.

Lee Joong Goo said, “I blame your mother.  She said that rather than have someone of my blood, she’s kill me. However, that woman kept on treating me like a bug.  That evil woman” and she was completely upset.

Cha Jae Wan heard this and said, “You’re garbage by birth for sure.  You shouldn’t have been born.  Whenever I think of that person who gave birth to me, I think of you.  How freaky” and was extremely sad.

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