Hotel King” Lee Duk Wha’s Evil Deeds Known

Hotel King" Lee Duk Wha's Evil Deeds Known
Hotel King" Lee Duk Wha's Evil Deeds Known

Actor Lee Duk Wha’s horrible past was revealed as it shocked the viewers.

On the 19 episode of MBC weekend drama ‘Hotel King” broadcast on June 14, CL Hotel’s new president Beauty Baek (played by Kim Hae Sook) thought of a horrible past with Lee Joong Goo (played by Lee Duk Wha).

On this episode, Beauty Baek said she had something to say to Lee Joong Goo and dropped her off at a mysterious location when all the conversation was done.  It turns out that the location was where Beauty Baek had got into an accident when she was Baek Mi Yeon.

At this time, Lee Joong Goo was fixated on Baek Mi Yeon and was driving and made them got into an accient when Mi Yeon was in the car.  Afterwards, the car with Baek Mi Yeon started to go up in flames.  Then, Baek Mi Yeon said, “It’s better to be dead.” She hugged Lee Joong Goo and said that they should die together.  However, Lee Joong Goo let go of Beak Mi Y eon and ran away on her own.  Because of this accident, Baek Mi Yeon lost her body and her face too.

However, Lee Joong Goo couldn’t believe it all.  At this, Beauty Baek started to shudder and was upset.

Meanwhile, “Hotel King” is about a man named Cha Jae Wan who has a grudge against his mother and his father that had deserted him.  It is a story about him growing into a cold-hearted hotelier in a bildungsroman drama.

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