‘House Of Cards’ Season 3 Cast Kevin Spacey Back In Washington D.C. For Filming; Creator Beau Willimon Praises Netflix For Giving Writers Freedom To Experiment

“House of Cards” season 3 cast Kevin Spacey back in Washington D.C. for production after successful theatrical run for “Clarence Darrow” in London. Meanwhile, creator Beau Willimon praised

for giving writers freedom to experiment with the show.

On Tuesday, “House of Cards” season 3 cast Kevin Spacey took to Twitter to thank fans and supporters who went to see “Clarence Darrow” at the Old Victor Theater: “What a blast it was to do. Now back in Washington for … well, you know.”

Production for the third season will be in Maryland after Gov. Martin O’Malley gave tax credits to Media Rights Capital, creator of “House of Cards.”

In a statement, per , the governor said after inking the deal: “We’re going to keep the 3700 jobs and more than 100 million dollars of economic activity and investment that ‘House Of Cards’ generates right here in Maryland.”

While filming for “House of Cards” primarily takes place in Maryland, “House of Cards” season 3 cast Kevin Spacey’s tweet reveals there are scenes that will be filmed in Washington D.C.

Meanwhile, creator Beau Willimon revealed to that more than the money, the business model by

to give creative freedom to the writers is what prompted them to agree to the deal.

“When you give artists the opportunity to make what they want to make, place faith in them, allow them to take risks, to push boundaries, to even flirt with failure and take those risks, then you’re going to get the best possible work, because that’s what they thirst for,” he told the online magazine.

On the flip side, giving them license to do what they want also add on to the pressure.

“If it’s bad they have no one to blame but themselves,” “House of Cards” season 3 creator Beau Willimon said. “So you can’t point any fingers and say ‘so and so made me do this.’ We are in constant contact with Netflix. There’s an ongoing dialogue; they’re looking at scripts, dailies, cut episodes. So it’s not as though they lock us up in a padded room and say ‘go crazy.'”

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