Hwang Chansung’s Electon Day Scandal

Hwang Chansung’s Electon Day Scandal
Hwang Chansung’s Electon Day Scandal


Making an innocent gesture on Election Day backfired for 2PM singer and actor Hwang Chansung. June 4 was Election Day in Korea and several k-drama actors voted including  Suzy Bae of “Gu Family Book,”  Clara, who appeared in “Emergency Couple” and Hwang Chansung of “Level 7 Civil Servant.” Park Shin Hye last seen in “The Heirs,” was also photographed after voting.

However, Chansung was the only actor who managed to get himself involved in an Election Day scandal.

Several actors used social media to post photos of themselves after voting. Those who voted got a red stamp and some of the photos showed the red stamp. The photos not only showed that the actors voted but were designed to encourage others to exercise their rights and vote. Stars are even encouraged to post such pictures in the hope that it will inspire their fans to head to the polling booths.

Hwang Chansung tweeted a selca showing his palm and made the V sign. He held his hand over his head with tweeted the words, “I voted.”

While this may seem innocent enough, even civil minded, a member of South Korea’s ultra-right online community Ilbe, filed a complaint against him with The National Election Commission. They said that Chansung violated an election law because the V sign he made meant he supported a particular candidate. As a V looks like a two it could indicate a preference for the number 2 candidate on the ballot.

Election law says that voters cannot disclose which candidate they voted for on Election Day. That includes uploading a selca on social media, even making the thumbs-up sign or a peace sign.

Making the V sign for a photo is pretty common and many people no longer even associate the V with Victory. But Chansung apologized and deleted the photo. He replaced it with another photo in which he made a fist.

“Right, I am not supposed to make a V,” he tweeted. “I’m sorry. I hope this one works.”

It was not the first time that Chansung posted a selca of himself voting. Or the first time he has commented on voting.

“For one person such as myself to be able to change our nation into a better place with just one vote makes my heart flutter,” he told the Donga Ilbo.

Netizens had different responses to the scandal.

“He’s voted how many times,” one netizen said. “He should know.”

“It’s just stupid,” said another of the lawsuit.

Clara also got some online negative comments for voting in what the commenter said was a skimpy outfit.

Another netizen said, “Don’t be a hater. Go vote yourself instead of leaving such negative comments.”

Ilbe has not yet said whether they will continue to pursue the lawsuit after Chansung’s apology.

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