In Battlefield Hardline News, Visceral Games Reels From The Aftermath Of Leaked Footage, Offers Better Experience For Fans Of Previous Installment

Visceral Games is still tightlipped on Battlefield Hardline news, but assures fans of the series get the most out of the current installment, Battlefield 4.

Fans of the series were in for a surprise treat in recent days, after exclusive gameplay footage for Battlefield 5 was leaked on gaming websites. The footage’s legitimacy was confirmed when the same clip was posted on an EA-approved website.

Based on what was available on the footage, the fifth Battlefield game is about cops and robbers. Players may assume the role of operatives or perpetrators in heists and other criminal scenarios.

Visceral Games struggled to contain the latest Battlefield Hardline news; the clip was first seen as a NeoGAF post. A representative later confirmed the clip was indeed from Battlefield 5, but featured

gameplay during early development.

The game takes a time out from military themes, takes police surveillance and tactical missions. An arsenal of real-world and fictitious weapons and armor are available, as well as a variety of vehicles: combat trucks, boats, and tuner cars.

Police scanners are also part of the gameplay, which has been proven effective in previous Batman games. Battlefield Hardline’s single player mode looked solid.

Battlefield 5 ensures players move around in the gameplay maps. Vertical space is maximized with the inclusion of zip lines and grappling hooks, useful in multiplayer missions and skirmishes.

Visceral Games supplements Battlefield Hardline news with promise of a better experience for Battlefield 4. Post-release content is crucial to games nowadays, with streamed, downloaded, or exclusive content made available months after a title hits retail stores.

Series developer Karl Magnus Troedsson confirms the rollout of updates, after Battlefield Hardline news leaked out the video clip. In a blog: “Yes, we’re very excited to partner with Visceral on the development of , but ongoing work to refine and enhance remains a top priority” (


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