Incredible Days” Kim Ji Ho, Choi Woong In Romance

Incredible Days" Kim Ji Ho
Incredible Days" Kim Ji Ho

“Incredible Days” the hill that Kim Ji Ho and Choi Woong had to overcome was too high.  What Kim Ji Ho had to face at the first meet with the future in laws was a basic ignoring.

On the 32 episode of KBS 2TV weekend drama “Incredible Days” broadcast on June 8, Dong Ok (played by Kim Ji Ho) started to face a very rude awakening by Woo Jin’s mother as she ignored her.  This unfortunate scene was shown on this episode.

Hye Won’s father was the very person that had made Dong Ok’s intellectual capacity stop at 7 years old due to a bicycle accident.  At this, Hye Won said, “I’m sorry. It’s me.  I’m really sorry” and apologized multiple times.  At this, Dong Ok replies yes in the most mature way and asked whether she looked pretty because she was going to see Woo Jin’s mother.  At this, Hye Won said, “I’m really really sorry” and Dong Ok finally said, “It’s okay.  I’ll forgive you.”

Nonetheless, the pains of the past kept on continuing and Dong Ok met Woo Jin’s mother where Woo Jin wasn’t there.  She was practicing saying hello and as their eyes met up, Dong Ok smiled brightly and Woo Jin’s mother said, “So unfortunate for a pretty lady.” The minute she saw Dong Ok next to Woo Jin, things got complicated.

Woo Jin’s mother refused to even spend time talking and said, “This isn’t it.  Why are you like this?  This can’t be.”  Dong Ok watched this and ended up crying.  Dong Ok and Woo Jin were up against a wall.  This had foreshadowed a change in their relationship.

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