‘Incredible Days” Lee Sang Woo The Romantist

'Incredible Days" Lee Sang Woo The Romantist
'Incredible Days" Lee Sang Woo The Romantist

SBS weekend drama “Incredible Days” Lee Sang Woo became a sweet romantist and took the hearts of women.

On this drama, Lee Sang Woo turned into Suh Jae Woo and looked at Jung Da Jung (played by Park Se Young) as if perfecting their romance.  They are looking completely different than their first meeting as they are slowly showing an affection for each other and fondness.

Especially as Lee Sang Woo left to find his grandmother who disappeared Lee Soon Ok (palyed by Na Moon Hee), he shows a side of acting of a man who is in love and sahkign.  Jae Woo said to Da Jung that women shouldn’t be so bold and daring and showed how he cared. 

In addition, Lee Sang Woo showed that he couldn’t take his eyes off Da Jung and all of her daily actions.  Jae Woo was worried that his mother Kim Shin Ae would be hurt and made their own jokes.  He said to Da Jung, “I will apologize instead of mom, because it’s mom so if there’s something that you are hurt about, just tell me.  I’ll solve this all” and comforted her.

Lee Sang Woo has been receiving great reviews.  At this, he said, “The director is leading us well and I’m learning so much and filming well.”  In the drama, following Suh Jae Woo’s emotional lines shows us focusing on the drama line.  Especially with this role, he is collaborating with Park Se Young and it’s so comfortable.  He said, “Please look forward to the amusing storyline that will follow.”

Production company Logos Film said, “Lee Sang Woo is completely involved with Suh Jae Woo’s emotions and making their sweet first love.  Please look as Lee Sang Woo is a mysterious romantist.”

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