‘Incredible Days” Lee Suh Jin Warns Choi Woong

'Incredible Days" Lee Suh Jin Warns Choi Woong
'Incredible Days" Lee Suh Jin Warns Choi Woong

Incredible Days” Lee Suh Jin witnessed a key moment.  Lee Suh Jin witnessed Kim Ji Ho and Choi Woong being with each other.

On the 15 episode of KBS 2TV weekend drama “Incredible Days” broadcast on May 31, Dong Suk (played by Lee Suh Jin) heard a familiar sound from the back. When he turned around, there was Dong Ok (played by Kim Ji Ho) and Woo Jin (played by Choi Woong).

On this day, Woo Jin and Dong Suk were tying their nekties together.  Before this, Dong Ok was looking at Dong Suk’s necktie and had asked, “Where can you buy a necktie like that?”

At this, someone that Woo Jin knew next to the table said, “The rumors are right.  Min Woo Jin, the teaser was going out with a woman that was not right for him” and said very harsh words.  At this, Dong Suk heard this and was angered saying, “Just cancel what you said about that woman.”

Afterwards Dong Suk went to a café and asked how long Woo Jin and Dong Ok had met each other, what they felt about each other and said how he felt, saying, “It’s been three months since I’ve met each other.  I only confessed recently.  I liked him and therefore confessed.”

At this, Dong Suk said, “Until now, I liked this all but I can’t say that my heart will change at all.  If you like Dong Ok, then meet him and it’s not getting any more familiar to meet them and get separated.  Don’t shake my heard and make me so uncomfortable and stop” he warned.

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