Incredible Days” Ok Taek Yeon Tells Choi Hwa Jung He’ll Leave

Incredible Days" Ok Taek Yeon Tells Choi Hwa Jung He'll Leave
Incredible Days" Ok Taek Yeon Tells Choi Hwa Jung He'll Leave

“Incredible Days” Ok Taek Yeon felt bad looking at Choi Wha Jung.

On the 32 episode of KBS 2TV weekend drama “Incredible Days” (script Lee Kyung Hee, director Kim Jin Won) broadcast on June 8, Kang Dong Hee (played by Ok Taek Yeon) saw Ha Young Choon (played by Choi Hwa Jung), his birth mother, who was getting mistreated and lent her hand.

On this day, Kang Tae Sup (played by Kim Young Chul) said to Jang So Shim (played by Yoon Yeo Jung), “I regret my life until now.  Why did I meet such women.  I can’t believe I made you take on the burden of all the women that I was so immature enough to meet.  That’s why I want you to kick out Young Choon and live the rest of my life next to you” he begged.

However, in the room was not So Shim but Ha Young Choon.  Hearing Tae Sup’s words, Young Choon was hurt and left home.  Then, to her son Kang Dong Hee who followed, he said, “Don’t say anything and just leave.  I’m embarrassed.”

At this, Kang Dong Hee acted like he was comforted before and gave Ha Young Chool chocolate like Kim Marie (played by Lee Eliyah) had done before.  He then extended her hand saying, “Leave this house. If it’s hard on your own, I’ll leave with you” and moved Ha Young Chool.

Meanwhile, on this day, Kang Dong Ok (played by Kim Ji Ho) was hurt by the ignorance of Min Woo Jin (played by Choi Woong) and made viewers feel unfortunate.

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