inFAMOUS First Light Release Date Confirmed August 26; Tweet Slates UK Launch August 27! DLC Expansion To Second Son Offers Upgrade Perks, Pre-Orders Available

inFAMOUS First Light release date has been confirmed for August 26 in the US, 27 in the UK; the standalone expansion to Second Son showcases newcomer Fetch on the PlayStation 4.

The reveal comes from an official tweet by Sucker Punch productions, publishing new concept art for the game, which highlights the female character Fetch wielding superhuman powers. The tease reveals the plot focusing on Cordun Cay, a detention facility built for people with superhuman abilities (“Conduits”).

Though the newest installment to the inFAMOUS series is considered a DLC expansion, developers confirm the game stands on its own, a complement to Second Son. The

official announcement was made during the E3 event June, with a teaser trailer to boot.

Pre-orders are now available at the PlayStation Store, which also slates the official release date to August 26.

It’s confirmed the Second Son protagonist, Delsin, will make an appearance on the DLC expansion, teaming up with Fetch to take on the Department of Unified Protection. Fans of the series have new character abilities to exhaust come the inFAMOUS First Light release date; skills are developed as the game progresses.

InFAMOUS First Light is Fetch’s origin story, with gameplay that stays faithful to previous releases. There’s freedom to move in an expansive world, with missions to complete.

Players can also choose to go AWOL and engage in mindless brawls and destruction, though. One of the title’s (and the series’) appeal is in the freedom to roam and interact with the environment. Grand Theft Auto’s dynamic of an open world is carried over into First Light, and players can go on “side missions” to pass the time or while en route to complete a mission. inFAMOUS First Light release date by early fall, out on the next-generation consoles. Players need not own copies of Second Son to download the expansion, but the upgrade still comes with perks upon purchase.

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