inFAMOUS First Light Release Date Set For August 2014? Launch Leaked At PlayStation Now Website; Teaser Trailer Reveals A New Character In A DLC Standalone Spinoff!

An inFAMOUS First Light release date has leaked through the PlayStation Now site, pegging the DLC standalone for an August 2014 launch.

The smorgasbord of trailers and reveals at Monday’s E3 dished out the answers gaming fans and critics were waiting for. The teasers led to plenty of expectations, though, especially for upcoming titles with release dates yet to be confirmed.

One of the standout titles at the event was the spinoff to inFAMOUS: Second Son. The title is a standalone prequel with a familiar protagonist. The storyline is focused on Abigail “Fletch” Walker, yet another conduit who teams up with Delsin Rowe in a mission to overthrow the DUP (Department of Unified Protection).

Dubbed as inFAMOUS: First Light, Walker’s is an origin story of how she obtained, learned, and mastered her neon-manipulating powers. The game’s course runs through her training as an assassin, capture, and escape from Curdun Cay, a penitentiary for people with superhuman powers.

The inFAMOUS First Light release date is set on August 26, as a standalone release. It’s available to purchase as a separate title to infamous: Second Son, as DLC. There’s no need to order a copy of the Second Son to play the DLC, but doing so comes with a reward of exclusives.

The previous inFAMOUS installments were considered mindless beat-’em-ups, shameless but justified due to players’ absolute freedom to wreck havoc, all in good fun. While the game is compared to a Grand Theft Auto game on steroids, players are often given the choice between responsibility and recklessness.

Protagonists in the inFAMOUS installments (including First Light) have superhuman abilities upgraded as the game progresses. The last installment introduces new superpowers players can use on missions or to defeat bosses.

The inFAMOUS: First Light release date remains to be verified, but the teaser trailer revealed at Monday E3 confirms that a DLC Standalone game is indeed set for launch to the consoles (


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