Injured Kobe Bryant Finds US Team Soccer Coach Jurgen Klinsman’s Criticism Of His Contract Extension‘Pretty Funny?’LA Lakers Superstar Predicts Argentina-Brazil Final In World Cup 2014?

Injured Kobe Bryant dismissed US team soccer coach Jurgen Klinsman’s criticism of his $48.5 million contract extension, as the LA Lakers superstar predicted an Argentina-Brazil final matchup for the World Cup 2014.

“I thought it was pretty funny. I thought it was pretty comical actually. I see his perspective,” he told in Brazil as the injured Kobe Bryant was in town to cheer for the US team and watch the games in World Cup 2014.

“But the one perspective that he’s missing from an ownership point of view is that you want to be part of an ownership group that is rewarding its players for what they’ve done while balancing the team going forward,” he added.

The “Black Mamba” said that players are now looking closely at the LA Lakers team as an organization that takes care of its players.

“Jurgen is a coach, a manager. He’s not a GM or owner of the franchise. When you look at it from that perspective, it changes a little bit. But you probably could have used another player as an example,” the injured Kobe Bryant said.

Earlier, US soccer coach Jurgen Klinsmann explained to the

his decision to cut Landon Donovan from the team, and used Kobe Bryant’s contract as an example.

“This always happens in America. Kobe Bryant, for example – why does he get a two-year contract extension for $50 million?” he said. “He gets it because of what he has done before. It makes no sense. Why do you pay for what has already happened?”

Meanwhile, injured Kobe Bryant, a self avowed soccer fanatic, already has his teams for the World Cup 2014 finals.

“It’s my favorite sport to watch. I enjoy watching football more than I enjoy watching basketball, actually,” he said. “As of now, I’m predicting a Brazil-Argentina final.”

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