Intel Haswell-E HEDT to come in September, 2014

Intel Haswell-E HEDT to come in September
Intel Haswell-E HEDT to come in September

About a month ago, Devil’s Canyon processors were revealed as one of the high-end chips to be widely available later this year. However, they are not the only ones. According to several reports, Core i7 HEDT motherboards are going to be released by that time as well.

It hasn’t been long since the details on the motherboards have been released. This gives PC users an overview on what these lean, mean boards and processors. The only thing that’s yet to be known is when they are going to come out to the public.

According to a number of leaked internal documents from Intel, Haswell-EHDT CPUs as well as their respective motherboards should be introduced sometime in September, 2014. It is said that their main features is that they are packed with so much power and should have exceptional PC performance.

The 8-core Core i7-5960X contains 16 logical CPUs (via Hyper-Threading technology), 20MB L3 cache memory and clock speeds of 1.2GHz, which can be boosted up to 3GHz. All eight cores uses the 20MB L3 cache as well as the 40-lane PCI-express root complex. It goes with support for quad GPU configurations in x8/x8/x8/x8 mode with an additional x8 link dedicated to SSDs. The thermal design power (TDP) can be up to 140W.

The Core i7-5930K has six cores instead of eight. However, it still has 15MB of cach. It also has Hyper-Threading capability, and has a base clock of 1.2GHz. This chip, however, can still get a boost going as high as 3.5GHz. The architecture uses the same fully-fledged PCle root complex mentioned above.

The Core i7-5820K shares pretty much the same features with the Core i7-5930K. However, it lacks Hyper-Threading support. But then again, Turbo Boost can power this chip up to 3.3GHz and its PCIe setup is one x16, x8 and x4.

The next Intel processors will be available with the latest LGA2011-3 package, but won’t be compatible LGA 2011 motherboards since support quad-channel DDR4-2133 MHz memory. More specs on these CPUs will be revealed once September comes.

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