iOS 8 Beta 2 Download Release Available, Streamlined For Developers! Bug Fixes Continue Till The iPhone 6 Release Date! Manual Camera Controls And Outdoor Features Come With The New Build

iOS 8 Beta 2 download release is now available, and Apple expects more bugs fixed as the full launch of the OS coincides with the iPhone 6’s release this Fall.

The first iOS 8 Beta was released June 2 after the Apple unveil, and developers were the first to notice the build was far from perfect. Flaws and bugs are expected in Beta releases, but iPhone users still opted to download and stay up to speed with the OS.

iOS Beta 2 is made available to developers with compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch units. Copies are downloaded over Apple’s developer portal and over the air (OTA). Non-developers should expect fewer bugs, but the build will likely remain unsatisfactory. Apple advises a roll back to

iOS 7.1.2, the most recent, stable release (


One of the more significant features coupled with the iOS 8 involve manual camera controls, and it’s possible the changes will be installed in upcoming betas. The feature is a departure from Apple’s default of automated cameras, apart from basic settings like flash and HDR.

Manual camera control isn’t part of the iOS 8 Beta 2 download release, but the final build will free up most of the controls. Settings for ISO, shutter speed, focus, contrast, and exposure may be customized as needed.

The customizable, advanced settings aren’t applicable to the iOS 8’s native camera app (except for exposure bias), though. Instead, Apple gave license to third-party developers to create AV Capture Device APIs with the controls installed (


There are also reports the iPhone 6 comes with a code to monitor barometer and air pressure, altitude and weather indicators. Industry expert Mark Gurman says the code is buried in the iOS 8, and in XCode 6, which is the most recent iOS software development kit (


iOS 8 Beta 2 download release offers significant changes to warrant an overhauled build, with features that appeal to fitness buffs and outdoorsy types to boot.

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