iOs 8 Features List Include Text Message Integration, Apple Maps, Instant Hotspot, And Health Kit! How Can These Features Benefit Users?

When it rains, it pours. Apple is showcasing its full arsenal of its gadget’s new features on WWDC as Apple fans were left in awe with the iOS updates this year as Apple showed off the iOS 8. This future update was unveiled yesterday during the WWDC event and it is expected to arrive in fall.

The iOS 8 will not just be another update to the 7.1. Apple has made countless changes and packed in so many features to the iOS 8. In fact, there are just too much to look into that Apple couldn’t even complete demonstrating each one of them during WWWDC. We have done some digging and here are three of the best features that iPhone and iPad users should get excited for.

1. Multi-tasking

For years now, Apple’s ego has got in the way of this feature to arrive. This is something commonly practiced on the Android platform. With the iOS 8, users can do split screen multitasking.

2. Apple Maps

This original map from the Cupertino-based company will be updated to offer public transportation services.

3. Instant Hotspot

This is something very new from Apple. With the iOS 8, the MAC will auto-connect with the iPhone when in close proximity to get into the internet.

4. Health Kit

Apple has created a new API called Healthkit. Developers will be able to link applications to a central database of your personal health data.

5. Text Message Integration

Now your iPhone can send text messages to your Mac, which is very cool feature. The iPhone would relay your regular text messages-sent by non-iOS phones-into the iMessage app in your Mac. All your messages, regardless of their origin, will be synchronized everywhere. I wish this worked with other chat services, like Gchat or Facebook, finally providing a centralized, seamless message center.

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